Enrollment Counseling
The key to the success of your retirement savings program is making sure your employees understand and appreciate its value.
Our representatives are available to support and promote your plans by providing your employees with all the information and services they will need to take advantage of them.
The form of communication and the frequency of our visits to your facility will be determined by the needs of your organization as you identify them. Our objectives in providing enrollment counseling services are to be effective in meeting participation and education standards while also keeping any disruptions to your operation to a minimum. Methods of communication available to you in enrolling and counseling your participants include:
  • Group presentations
  • On-site enrollment assistance
  • Generic or plan-specific educational seminars
  • Web based account services and information
  • Personalized investment counseling
Contact your Gardner & White Representative for more information on options available for tailoring an enrollment or communication program for your group.
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